With an ever increasing emphasis being placed on reducing chemical, solvent and water usage, non abrasive medias such as soda and abrasive medias such as garnet blasting is an affordable and highly effective alternative to degreasing, chemical cleaning and water blasting. As soda blasting does not generate any heat and is output at low pressure, it is extremely versatile and environmentally friendly alternative to chemical and solvent removal methods. It can be applied to many surfaces with only minimal or no damage caused to the surface.

Abrasive blasting is ideal for creating non-slip surfaces on footpaths and driveways

Other Services
This unique blasting service is beneficial for the removal of:
• Graffiti
• Gum and other footpath contaminants
• Line markings from roads and car parks
• Carbon and soot
• Grease, including commercial kitchens

It can be applied to many surfaces including:
• Glass
• Aluminium
• Stainless steel
• Concrete
• Natural stones
• Wood
• Brick

Grafitti removal using soda from bricks

Grafitti removed with soda from aluminium 

Paint removed with staurolite & soda