Marine Restoration & Anti Foul Removal

Non abrasive (soda) & abrasive blasting using staurolite or garnet can be used to remove paint & anti foul from boat hulls. This can be done using either dry or wet blasting methods. With an ever increasing emphasis being placed on reducing chemical, solvent and water usage, both these blasting methods are an affordable and highly effective alternative to chemical cleaning & quicker than sanding.

As part of the service we offer with anti-foul removal we will wrap the boat in containment sheeting, place plastic on ground to catch fall out & then once all the anti foul is removed we will then remove fall out & pressure wash entire boat & blast area.

Soda blasting will only leave a slight profile on gel coats whereas abrasive blasting leaves a profile like 60 grit sandpaper which will give a key for the primer & new anti foul to adhere too. Both methods will not harm surface being blasted.

Anti foul removal
Paint removal
From aluminium, fibreglass, steel & timber hulls.

Alma Doepel paint removed with garnet

Anti foul removed wet blast with staurolite

Anti foul removed with recycled crushed glass

Anti foul removed with staurolite wet blast

Couta boat anti foul removed using soda

Paint removed from aluminium boat with staurolite

Steel hulled yacht remove antifoul using staurolite