Concrete Preparation for Carbon Fibre Application and Other Services
We have developed a specialised abrasive media blasting surface preparation for bridges and structures which are going to be strengthened using carbon fibre composite systems. Our service offers a number of key benefits when compared to more traditional media blasting, including:

• Small compact blast machinery for ease of access in tight scaffold situations
• Unique valving which provides ’60 grit sandpaper’ effect on concrete to give key for carbon fibre application


Unique valving which also minimises garnet use to less than 25kgs per hour, thereby resulting in minimal garnet fallout on the ground and produces less dust than concrete cutting – both of which are critical when working in environmentally sensitive areas such as above waterways. Wet blasting is also available for these situations to help minimise dust. Low pressure which allows for blasting in confined space.
Other Services

This unique blasting service is also beneficial for: Concrete and steel cleaning, Rust and contaminant removal from metal and many other substrates, Scabbling, Paint & coatings preparation, Crack detection.

SWMS & MSDS available here

Key Projects

161 Collins Street
Contracted by Freyssinet Australia to prepare columns, floor & ceiling in car park for carbon fibre application

The Glen Shopping Centre
Contracted by SRG Limited & Vertitech Australia to prepare columns & ceiling in car park for carbon fibre application.
Paint removed from Bosch Rexroth pumps using soda.
Soda blast red dust from mining truck.
Top EBlast finish, bottom traditional blast finish.
 Monash Freeway – SLU Upgrade
Contracted by Abigroup to blast beams & more than 30 piers for carbon fibre application Yarra Bridge Upgrade: Contracted by Freyssinet Australia for confined space abutments in preparation for carbon fibre application
 Concrete moulds blasted with staurolite