Media blasting is an environmentally friendly method of removing many contaminants found in the restoration of buildings. This can be done with both abrasive (staurolite, garnet, recycled crushed glass) & non-abrasive medias such as soda & crushed walnut shell. Wet blasting is also available to help minimise dust.

With an ever-increasing emphasis being placed on reducing chemical, solvent and water usage, these blasting methods are an affordable and highly effective alternative to degreasing, chemical cleaning and water blasting. Lead paint also can be removed with the use of an encapsulating paint stripper then low pressure soda blasted and contained for safe removal. It can be applied to many surfaces with only minimal or no damage caused to the surface.

Mould Removal
Soda can be used in the removal of mould from timber in properties that have ben subject to severe flooding. Soda is a natural enemy of mould. By blasting at low pressure we remove all traces of the mould before restoration work commences. We work in conjunction with disaster recovery specialist in these situations. Please contact us for further information or visit this page

This unique blasting service is beneficial for the removal of:
• Paint, including lead-based paints,
• Concrete
• Carbon and soot
• Grease, including commercial kitchens.

It can be applied to many surfaces including:
• Glass
• Aluminium
• Stainless steel
• Concrete
• Natural stones, including lime and sandstone
• Wood
• Copper
• Brick

Exhibition St Cafe paint removal using staurolite & soda

Paint removal using crushed walnut shell from hardwood timber

Melb Uni brick wall blasted with staurolite

Mornington Cafe paint removed using garnet

Old timber beams cleaned using soda

South Yarra wall blasted with staurolite

Torquay bluestone fence paint removed using staurolite’s wet blast

Mould removal using soda